Six Great Mystery Series and Their First Books!

The Surgeon - Tess Gerrittsen
Six Books that Start Five of My Favorite Mystery Series


When this post was first written Barnes & Noble was having a Nook Book Sale on the first book of a series. Unfortunately that is not the case now! But the following six books that start five of my favorite series are worth buying no matter what the cost! Well, not really WHATEVER the cost more like whatever the reasonable cost!! Or just check them out of the library! Just check them out!!


1.The Blessing WayJoe Leaphorn and Jim CheeTony Hillerman – Tony Hillerman wrote 18 Navajo Mysteries featuring Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee and his daughter Anne Hillerman recently picked up the series and has written book 19!! I stopped reading the series after book 14, not because I didn’t like the series but because I just started to read too many other mystery series. I always enjoyed the character of Jim Chee, who tried to walk in two worlds the modern and his ancestral Navajo and as a police officer that wasn’t always easy!! It’s a great mystery series and The Blessing Way is a wonderful start to the series!

2.. The Surgeon – Rizzoli and Isles – Tess Gerritsen – This was a book that just blew m away when I read it. The suspense and the characters were both great. Using the Hoyt character for the TV show was a great way to start the series just like The Surgeon was a great way to start the literary series!!

3. Carved in Bone – Dr. Bill Brockton – Jefferson Bass

“Fantastic forensic detail and an engaging hero … an authoritative, compelling new voice to the forensic mystery.”
— Jeff Abbott, USA Today bestselling author of PANIC

The above quote about says it all. The about this mystery series that is still going strong.  Dr Bill Brockton is still a lovable hero and the forensic detail is still some of the best around, The series is now at  Number 9 which is due out in June of 2015!!

4. Blindsighted – Grant County – Karin Slaughter –  The whole crew of characters of this series – Sara Linton pediatrician, county medical examinerChief Jeffrey Tolliver,and Detective Lena Adams are all introduced in this riveting novel. Blindsighted like The Surgeon just was great right from the start as was the series! The novel was a Barry Award Nominee for Best First Novel (2002) and a Macavity Award Nominee for Best First Mystery Novel (2002)

5. Deal Breaker Myron BolitarHarlan Coben – while Harlan has had far more success with his stand-alone thrillers my first introduction to his writing was through sports agent extraordinaire Myron Bolitar’s mystery series. The stories and the characters were always well-developed and interesting, especially  Myron’s best friend  “Win” Lockwood who has saved Myron’s butt throughout the series!

Win was introduced in Deal Breaker. He was  a 31 year-old bachelor working closely with Myron Bolitar, his best friend since college. Win is also very close to Esperanza Diaz, Myron’s assistant (and later business partner) whom he meets through Myron. Wikipedia says that Win can be best  described as….

….an anti-hero, being very psychopathic in nature. In many of the books, Myron and Win debate the ethical nature of various actions, often Win’s.

6.  The Suspect– Joseph O’Laughlin – Michael Robotham – I was thinking about my favorite lead characters from mystery series, that are not Private Eyes or Policemen and certainly psychologist Joe O’Laughlin is probably at the top of the list. Joe is one of my favorite all-time characters making this mystery series one of my favorites. Like Lay’s chips if you try this book, you won’t want just one…. you’ll be back for more and more and you won’t be disappointed!!!