Six New Age Albums that Make Great Soundtracks

Resonance - From New Age pianist Petrer Kater

2016 New Age Albums For Yoga and Meditation…..

Typically, I listen to New Age music either when I am reading, exercising or meditating. Here are six New Age albums that I listened to n 2016. They all make great soundtracks for exercising or reading. Check Them Out!

Six Great Soundtracks for Yoga and Meditation

Peter Kater - Resonance

Peter Kater's Resonance, Yoga and Meditation a Perfect Trifecta   Over the last several weeks, the soundtrack for my morning meditation has been Resonance from New Age pianist Peter Kater. Resonance is Peter 's latest release. I think that it is one of his best albums. Several years ago, I discovered the Native American flute of R Carlos Nakai. Soon after that discovery I found the music of Peter Kater through his many collaborations with R Carlos. Many of the albums that ...

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Circles of 8 - Holland Phillips

Circles of 8 by Holland Phillips Becomes a Movement Meditation Staple Over the last week I have continued to do movement yoga for 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of my morning yoga routine. It seems to get me both moving and grounded at the same time. I have used a few different albums. The first one was Immortelle by Deuter and most recently Marika Takeuchi's Colors in the Diary. For several days in between those two albums, I used Holland ...

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Something New for My Morning Yoga with Music by Deuter

Deuter's Immortelle Provides the Soundtrack for this Morning's Yoga This morning I decided to change-up my morning yoga routine. Typically, my routine starts with whatever yoga series that I am doing,  followed by a 10 to 15 minute meditation. Many times during my meditation, I slowly move my body in slow figure eights. The movements seem to relax various sides of my body and improve the meditation. So last night I did a search on Google for movement during meditation and found several ...

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Soothing Sounds from Richard Carr - Matters of Balance

  Matters of Balance - Richard Carr Last night as I looked down the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Airplay Chart the album at number 7 caught my eye. The album was titled Matters of Balance and the artist was Richard Carr. The album cover looked pretty cool  and I had never heard of Richard Carr so I opened up Spotify to  check the album out. So I put the album on an picked up my book and started to read. Pretty ...

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Distant Horseman - Timothy Wenzel

Distant Horseman - Timothy Wenzel - Life, Living  and the Universe So if you are looking for a nice, quiet relaxing album, I have one for you - Distant Horseman the latest release from New Age Artist Timothy Wenzel. The album was released back in February and it has been in my music rotation since then. I also think that it has also been at the top of the Zone Music Reporter Charts for all those months. The album features the ...

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Thoughts About Mindfulness and Mystical Morning..

Lead to New Directions for My Blogs and a Mystical Morning Commute! The other morning while meditating my mind turned toward my blog and I thought of my blog in relationship to my body mind and spirit. Much of what I try to do during the day is directed at one of those three aspects of life. Whether it's trying to enrich and keep my mind sharp by reading, exercising and eating right to help my body and meditating and listening ...

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