…..Something blue(s)

so the something blue(s) album was Blues De Ville! by the Viroh Blues Band. I found the album on Napster downloaded, listened and really enjoyed it! But trying to find out anything about the band now that was a challenge! The band is Croatian and they won the 2nd Annual Croatian Blues Challenge and will compete Memphis in 2012! I did find a few articles about the band and Google translated them from Croatian!

The band is lead by bassist, singer and composer Dubravko Vorih. D Vorih has also been part of the Croatian rock band Dirty Theater as well as New Tribe. New Tribe has released at least two albums Mr Clean and Catwalk. Vorih has also led the D. Vorih Qunitet and released an album titled Live Sax

Blues De Ville! is comprised of twelve original songs by Vorih. His band is composed of some really fine musicians. I really enjoyed Jurica Leikauff’s great keyboard playing. Jurica was also a member of Dirty Theater with Vorih. From what I gleaned from translated Croatian John March may have played guitar on the album but Neno Kos Ferzo is now playing guitar for the band and original drummer Mark Rabatic has been replaced by Dražen Scholz.

Anyway you cut it the album is good and I know it will be listened to for a long while and maybe next year this time I’ll be writing about them placing high in the 2012 International Blues Challenge!

You can check out their music at their Myspace Page

Here’s a performance of the band at the blues festival at Bosko at the club in Tesla in January of this year.