Strangled – Brian McGrory (Book #4 – Jack Flynn)


Brian McGroryStrangled from Brian McGrory is the fourth book featuring Boston Record reporter Jack Flynn. It is the first time that I’ve joined Mr. Flynn on one of his adventures, but I don’t believe it will be my last meeting with Jack! In this installment,  Jack, is caught in the middle of an investigation into a series  of brutal murders in Boston, that appear to be reminiscent of the work of the Boston Strangler.; Garish bows were left tied around the neck of the victims, while their bodies were left in ghoulish positions to greet investigators, when they entered the murder scenes.. Could it be, that Albert DeSalvo the convicted Boston Strangler wasn’t the Strangler after all, and that the real Strangler is still at large and at work?

In Strangled, Jack is thrust into the investigation, by the murderer  -“The Phanton Fiend” aka The Boston Strangler who keeps sending him information concerning the murders. Jack is between a rock and a hard place, does he publish the information in his possession possibly causing a panic throughout the city and incurring the wrath of the Mayor and the Chief of Police, The Chief of Police  was  the lead detective on the original investigation,who is now running for mayor.  and he may be put in a bad light if DeSalvo was not the Strangler. Alternatively does Jack sit on the story making the Strangler mad, and forcing him to step up his killing!!

McGrory has created in Strangled, a fine story based on the speculation that Albert DeSalvo convicted of rapes, but not the stranglings, was not the actual strangler, but had received knowledge of the crimes from the real strangler! I enjoyed this fairly quick read and liked the character of Jack Flynn. There was some good humor in Strangled as Jack often related both what he said and what he should have said! Another pleasant aspect of the book, was Jack love life. The story opens on Jack’s planned wedding day, with Jack contemplating calling his fiance to call off the wedding, only to be beaten to the punch by the bride to be! Later in the book, Jack has a chance meeting with the woman he let walk out of his life, can a spark still be there between them???

About the author: From Goodreads:

McGrory is the editor of The Boston Globe. A 23-year veteran of the Globe, he was previously a Metro columnist and associate editor. Born and raised in Boston and the region, he has also worked as the Globe’s Metro editor, White House reporter, national reporter, general assignment reporter, and suburban reporter. More at Goodreads

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Bottom line  Rating 3.75 out of 5.  Strangled  had enjoyable characters, was an interesting and enjoyable read, but for me there was nothing really extra special about the book.. (Book 1 of 2015 – from my to be read pile!)