Sunday Reads: 2/19/12 – Obama the Socialist to Santorum’s View of Rights!

One of my pet pevees is the mime that Obama is a “socialist” and leading us to a socialistic hell!! The way I see it in several of the more socialistic countries people have it a lot better and this post at AlterNet tells us the truth about Obama!

AlterNet:  Richard (RJ) Eskow: Why Obama’s the Least Socialistic President in Modern History (And That’s a Shame) 

Another pet pevee is the overall way that Obama is treated and really the fact that no one really objects! The man is The President! Bill Maher explains…..

Alternet: Lauren Kelley : Bill Maher: What Is it About Obama That Makes Republicans Go Apeshit to His Face? (Hint: Racism)

A final pet pevee is the mixing of Religion into today’s political discussion

as does Rick Santorum in this post from the Huffington Post Rick Santorum: Equality Comes From ‘God Of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob,’ Not Islam

In the post Santorum says:

 “Don’t claim his rights, don’t claim equality as that gift from God and then go around and say, ‘Well, we don’t have to pay attention to what God wants us to do,'” Santorum continued to the enthusiastic crowd. “‘We don’t have to pay attention to God’s moral laws.’ If your rights come from God, then you have an obligation to live responsibly in conforming with God’s laws, and our founders said so, right?”

Ok from this am I to understand that my equality and rights flow from God and only the Christian God? For me living morally is a choice and can be done with or without God and rights should not be based upon whether or not you believe or conform with God’s Laws – Rights are Rights for all period!!

Besides that I really don’t think the founders  said that, here is a good article about Religion and the founding of America. A highlight for me is the following:

Critical Thought & Religious Liberty:  Ed Buckner, Ph.D.It’s a Free Country, Not a Christian Nation

A highlight for me from this article:

 The best evidence for our this-is-not-a-Christian-nation argument, and it is in fact good enough to stand alone, is the godless Constitution. (For details, see Kramnick and Moore, The Godless Constitution: The Case Against Religious Correctness.) The Constitution is in fact the first significant governing charter in the history of mankind that does not invoke any deities, even impersonal ones, for support. This can hardly be an accidental omission, and the opponents of the Constitution during the ratification process made much of its godless nature. What we should remind our “Christian-nation” friends is that the framers had many documents to model their work on, including many state constitutions—remember that Independence came by 1781 but the U.S. Constitution was not written until 1787—and all of those state charters plus many from other cultures explicitly invoked God. Most were specifically Christian, some were explicitly Protestant, and some, like Massachusetts, established a specific church (the Congregationalists, descendants more or less of the Pilgrims) as the state church. If you lived in Massachusetts before 1833 you were required by law and the state constitution to support the Calvinistic Congregationalists. The Articles of Confederation, which the Constitution replaced, referred to God, and six of the states had “multiple establishments”—arrangements where government supported all religions or at least all Protestant Christian sects, without favoring any. In this context it is clear that the framers knew they were breaking precedent by ignoring God and religion, other than carefully declaring that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” This was perhaps more revolutionary than the 1776 rebellion, but the godless Constitution was ratified and is still our fundamental governing document. It is certainly not a Christian document, though neither is it an anti-Christian document.

Recently,  Santorum commenting on Obama’s objection to the Ryan plan to destroy Medicare. Santorum slams Obama administration as ‘elite snobs’e. Santorum says:

 “They don’t believe you can make these decisions. They need to make these decisions for you,” Santorum said, referring to the Obama administration.

But doesn’t Santorum believe that he can’t make decisions on his own. That he must only obey the Laws of God!!  For me the Laws of God are pretty outdated and can’t in anyway shape or form truly guide us today. They provide a framework for moral decision making that in some cases can be translated into today’s world. But for me it’s just plain easier to do what is right!

Ok that was a long ramble ………………….thinking about rights always leads my to this song by Arlon Bennett….”Be the Change”


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