Sunday Reads – 3/27/11

AlterNet: Instead of Bombing Dictators in Libya and Around the World, Stop Selling Them Bombs

From the article:

In 2009 alone, European governments — including Britain and France — sold Libya more than $470 million worth of weapons, including fighter jets, guns and bombs. And before it started calling for regime change, the Obama administration was working to provide the Libyan dictator another $77 million in weapons, on top of the $17 million it provided in 2009 and the $46 million the Bush administration provided in 2008.

Rather than engage in cruise missile liberalism, Obama could save lives by immediately ending support for these brutal regimes. But for U.S. administrations, both Democratic and Republican, arms sales appear to trump liberation. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute documented that Washington accounted for 54 percent of arms sales to Persian Gulf states between 2005 and 2009. Read More

Talking Points Memo: Protesters Erupt As New Hampshire GOPers Move Anti-Union Bill That Goes Farther Than Walker’s

Yes, let’s go farther than Wisconsin – bust those unions – not! : New Hampshire

Think Progress:  Pawlenty: U.S. Should Not Be Governed By Religious Law — Unless It’s Christianity

How about United States should not be governed by any religious law!:  Pawlenty

Twitpic :  So if you claim to be an expert on Libya you should know how to spell it : Beck

The Washington Monthly:WHY FISCHER MATTERS [UPDATED]….

Remember Bryan Fischer, who said Muslims have no First Amendment Rights>
Here’s Steve Benen’s comments on why he matters as Republicans cozy up to him.  : Fischer