Sunday Shopping Mix

So shortly after the birth of our third son Peter, my wife said that she had had it with grocery shopping and since I know what I’ll eat or want, I can do the shopping! So for the last 24 years I have done the grocery shopping. I usually go on Sunday mornings and typically over the last several years I’ve made a playlist exported it to the MP3 player and listen while I shop! Recently, I just put the player on random and listen to what’s there! Today I took the old ZenV and the mix contained some music I haven’t listen to in a while! It started with a great song off of John Batdorf’s Home Again CD “Something’s Slipping Away” and then Leonard Cohen’s “The Stranger Song” from his first album Songs of Leonard Cohen, When ever I hear that song I think of the movie McCabe and Mrs Miller, especially references to giving up the holy game of poker and the bridge or somewhere later, both lines fit the movie perfectly!

Up next was a track off of a Live album by The Electric Flag “I Should Have Left Her”. On second thought these three songs I have heard fairly recently but the rest of the mix,  it has been a while! Included in the rest of the mix were a couple of songs from Red Molly’s album Love and Other Tragedies “Wichita” and “Sentimental Gentleman”  Red Molly  is a trio from New York composed of Laurie MacAllister (vocals,guitar, and banjo) Abbie Gardner (vocals,dobro and guitar) and Coralann Solebello (vocals, guitar and bass) each great musicians and vocalists. The Cd is a great mix of traditional songs “Wayfaring Stranger”, Keep your Lamp Trimmed and Burning” ,and a great cover of the Susan Werner’s song “May I Suggest” and originals at least one by each member “Beaumont Truck Stop” by Laurie MacCallister,”Summertime” by Carolann Solebello (a favorite to me it has the flavor of a Tanya Savory song) and “The Mind of a Soldier” by Abbie Gardner. Each of the women had solo careers before forming the band. If you’ve never heard them you should!

There were  also a couple of tracks from ApocalypticaI didn’t look to see what the tracks were but the band is pretty distinctive! They are a group of four Finnish cellists who play arrangements of heavy metal band’s music like Metallica and  Slayer and are really good!

The rest of the mix contained tracks by  Dave Potts, John Gorka, Jefferson Airplane “3/5 of a mile in ten seconds”, and “White Rabbit’, now that one i haven’t heard for a while, and a track from a great blues album Showdown with Robert Cray, Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland.  The mix ended with a track from the forgotten by me  band Uncle Earl, who may just be listened to on Twang Tuesday! All in all it was a lot of good music I hadn’t heard for a while!