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Twang Tuesday – Cherryholmes – Part II

ok so back to Cherryholmes – they are a  family band – yes unbeknown to me they are a family band consisting of:

Sandy Lee (Mom) on mandolin
Jere (Dad) on upright bass

Cia (26) on banjo who writes 75 percent of the bands songs and provides most of the lead vocals
B.J. (21) on fiddle and mandolin, lead and harmony vocals
Skip (20) on guitar
Molly (17) on fiddle

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Twang Tuesday – Part 1 -Cherryholmes

Ok so once again it takes me a while to find some bands, but eventually I get there! Last night I was looking at the Roots Music Report and saw a band at number 19 Cherryholmes and their album Cherryholmes IV. So I checked Rhapsody and they only had up to III and when I checked the website I saw that IV will be released in June. So I put Cherryholmes II on the mp3 player and gave it a listen. Now I know why the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) named them “2005 Entertainers of the Year” , they can flat out play and sing! I’ll listen again and maybe to Cherryholmes III this afternoon and write a complete review tonight! Until then enjoy their performance of “I Don’t Know” from the 2005 IBMA Awards Show!

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