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New Music from an Old Favorite – David Wilcox – blaze!

David Wilcox II

David Wilcox IIOver the last few weeks, I’ve made reference to listening to David Wilcox’s new album blaze,  today I  listened to it again and I think it’s time i write something about the album! For me David Wilcox has the whole package, he is an intelligent and thought songwriter, a great singer and a terrific guitar player. What more could one ask for? I’ve been listening to David since the late 80s when I heard him on the radio singing and discussing the titled track of his first album “The Nightshift Watchman” Which is a song about those people, who sit in underground bunkers watching the skies for a missile attack knowing full well that if they do their job, their job and the world as we know it may be over!! You can read the lyrics here. Many of David’s eighteen releases can  be found in my music library and I feel that blaze is  one of his best albums.

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Listening to David Wilcox’s Musical Medicine leads to Toms Rush and Paxton!!

David Wilcox

Over the last week or so I’ve been listening to blaze David Wilcox’s new album and  promise at some point I will write about the whole album! So far I have used a song from the album “Single Candle” in a post about the assassination of Martin Luther King and tonight I’ll write about David Wilcox’s Musical Medicine. If you visit David’s website you will find a page titled Musical Medicine. On the page you’ll find a listing of 121 of David’s 600 plus songs divided up into categories like: heartbreak, Forgiveness, and working through conflict songs, and one topic that caught my attention; To appreciate your beautiful quirky self.One of the three songs that are included in that category is “Leave it Like it Is” From David’s album “How Did You Find Me Here”…..

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