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New Music and Video from Ellis Paul – Chasing Beauty – “Wasted” – chase it down!!

Chasing Beauty
Ellis Paul is one of those singer – songwriters whose songs and music I like, and one of those artist whose voice I like better. For Chasing Beautysome reason Paul’s voice just appeals to me, and I assume the majority of his fans. This may sound funny but for many artists I kinda put up with their voice, because their songs are so good. With Ellis Paul I get the best of both!! His new album Chasing Beauty has only been in my music rotation for a few days so I’m not really ready to write fully about the album yet, but from my initial listens it seems that the album is vintage Paul and builds on the great work of his last release The Day After Everything Changed, which is my favorite album from Ellis….no American Jukebox Fables is my favorite…how about The Speed of Trees,

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