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Flogging Molly – The Electric Factory

Last night my wife and I treked to the Electric Factory to see her favorite band Flogging Molly. This is either the eight or ninth time we have seen them live. We have gone several times to Philly venues, the Electric Factory and the Trocadero,  twice to the House of Blues in Atlantic City and once to Sayreville, NJ. As always the show was great. Last night, I thought that the leader of the band and lead vocalist Dave King was in rare form and had a really good time. The band played for about two hours and played a set that consisted of standards like “Drunken Lullabies”, “Requiem for a Dying Song”, “Float”, “Seven Deadly Sins”, “Rebel with a Sacred Heart”, “Factory Girl”, with Bridget singing the Lucinda Williams part,  a short acoustic set and a few songs that they typically don’t play like “The Wanderlust” and “Lighting Storm”  and I am sure a couple more and since they don’t play them I don’t know them. The show ended with the typical encore song “Black Friday Rule”, which was one of the first songs they wrote when they formed the ban and as usual King played the bodhran in the song.

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