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Night Owl Music – Into the Morning with Coltrane and Burton and “Afro Blue”

Coltrane Afro Blue

Coltrane Afro BlueThis afternoon my daughter, Elizabeth  called and was having car problems. The check engine light came on, the battery was dead and the steering locked up. We decided to have the car towed back here to be looked at, at my local gas station, In doing so, she was left without a car, so tonight I drove the other car down to her. She drove me back to my son Andrew’s house, half way between here and the University of Delaware, then he drove me home! I was all set for the trip down there, I had two genres on the iPhone jazz from vibist Arthur Lipner and guitarist Garrison Fewell and progressive rock from Six Minute Century. What! I forgot was to make sure the iPhone was charged or that there was a charger in the car – not good – no charger  + no charge = no music!! So I tuned into WRTI and listened to some jazz! When I came back, I started to look for some videos from Arthur Lipner, but my ADD kicked in and soon I started watching Gary Burton and Chick Correa playing “Eleanor Rigby”, Oh, wait on the sidebar, there;s Gary Buton & Makoto Ozone performing “Afro Blue” I love “Afro Blue”!! Soon I was watching and listening to that song! Then I thought let’s go to Wikipedia and read about Afro Blue……

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Lunchtime Music from The New Gary Burton Quartet – Guided Tour!

Gary Burton Quartet

This morning I was preparing a report, so it was a jazzy kind of morning. When I turn to jazz while writing and organizing many times the artist is the legendary Gary Burton. Today I listened to his latest release Guided Tour. The album is his second release on Mack Avenue Records. (Note to self check out Mack Avenue Records, their name has come up a lot lately). Common Ground, Burton’s 2011 release was his first on that label and  featured the New Gary Burton Quartet. This Quartet reunites Burton with guitar star Julian Lage and adds drummer Antonio Sanchez and bassist Scott Colley. The group has toured throughout 2011 and 2013 in support of both albums.

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Morning Vibes from the Gary Burton Quartet

How about some jazz this morning from one of the masters of the vibes, Gary Burton. Here’s a performance at the 2011 Seoul Jazz Festival: Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly! I’ve said it many times, when I need to relax and write at work Gary Burton comes on the iPod nothing much better!!

Some nice guitar on this one! Better check out Gary’s album with this new line-up!

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Good Vibes from Gary Burton!

So last night I mentioned that I love the vibraphone and the three musicians that I’ve listen to the most are Gary Burton, Milt Jackson and Cal Tjader. I love all three  and probably in the order I listed. I’ve also listened to Bobby Hutcherson and Walt Dickinson and like them also. Here is a video of Gary Burton and Makoto Ozone (see Thursday Mix Part 2) – doing a Cal Tjader song “Afro Blue”  A version of that song can be found on my favorite Gary Burton CD For Hamp, Red, Bags, and Cal

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