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Remembering When the Music – Harry Chapin

So it has been awhile since I’ve listened to a Harery Chapin album all the way through. So the other day I pulled the three CDs that Andrew has off the shelf and ripped them and listened to Sniper and Other Love Songs today. I was introduced to Harry’ music by my wife and on one of my visits to her at the University of Georgia we made the trek to Atlanta and saw Harry at the Great Southeast Music Hall. By we I mean me, Kathy and Eliot Kamenitz our driver and photographer! Anyway the Great Southeast Music Hall was a great venue and we had seats pretty close to the stage if I remember and it was a great concert! But I tell you when he did Sniper the emotion that that man put into the song was unbelievable and I was waiting for him to whip out some guns and take us all out! Listening to it again today the song is an amazingly powerful song! Somewhere in all my junk I think that I still have a great picture that Eliot took of Harry!

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