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Folk Monday – Jack Williams – The High Road Home

So several years ago I made one of my best purchases in the budget bin of my favorite used CD store, when I picked up Jack William’s album Across the Winterline. I had never heard of Jack before but I bought it and one listen and I was a fan and have been ever since! Jack is a great guitarist and songwriter. He’s one of those artist who create a great “sense of place” in their music and Jack’s music drips of his beloved south! From his website this quote echoes my sentiments about Jack’s music:

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Folk Favorite – Jack Williams

This morning I decided that it was a good day to listen to one of my favorite folk artists so I qued up Jack Williams on the mp3 player and listened to his album Laughing in the Face of the Blues. If you like great guitar picking coupled with great songs about the south and common folks then you’ll like Jack Williams’ music. I first stumbled across Jack’s music in the bargain bin of my favorite used record store where I found his album Across the Winterline . I took it home listen to I think the first two songs and I knew that I had a new favorite! Here’s what others think of Jack’s music:

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