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James Rollins – Grant Blackwood – The Kill Switch – a Tucker Wayne and Kane thriller!!

The Kill Switch

The Kill SwitchI have been a fan of James Rollins since I read Map of Bones (Sigma #2) back in 2005. In addition to all the Sigma Force novels, except for the first one, I have read three of  Rollins early stand alone novels and all are great!  The thing that I like best about the Rollins novels is – the science,  no it’s the action, no the political aspects….- the whole package!!! The Associated Press writes….

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Book 33 for 2013 – James Rollins – The Eye of God!

The Eye of God

The Eye of GodWith all the music listening and writing this week, I totally forgot to write about Book No. 33 of 2013, James Rollins The Eye of God. I have been a fan of Rollins’ Sigma Force novels since I read my first Map of Bones in 2005, and have enjoyed Rollins blending of science, history and of course a lot of action into 9 terrific reads!! It’s interesting as I write this that characters that first appeared in Map of Bones play a central part in this latest novel.

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Book 13 of 2013 – The Blood Gospel – James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

The Blood Gospel

The Blood GospelArchaeologist Dr. Erin Granger is working on a dig in Caesarea, Israel when an explosion rocks the Masada. The explosion splits Masada and emits a gas that kills all the visitors The explosion reveals an unknown underground chamber. Soon Sergent Jordan Stone is sent to bring Erin to the site to help and try to discover what happened!

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Book 17 of 2012 – Bloodline – James Rollins

So  while I didn’t finish my current read last night, I got far enough that I was able to finish Book 17 for the year, James Rollins‘ sixth book in his Sigma Force series Bloodline, and in my humble opinion this may be the best book yet.You know I wrote, that throughout The Shadow Patrol, I kept waiting for that hook to come and really reel me into the story.  Well in this book it came before the story even started, when after the Prologue, I read these words:

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Book 37 – The Devil Colony – James Rollins

Let’s see what do the following have in common: Mormonism, Chief Canasatego,Thomas Jefferson, the Super-Kamiokande detector, nontechnology,the Anasazi, the children of Lehi, Iceland and the Laki eruption and Merriweather Lewis! Don’t know, how about if I add the Sigma Force, still don’t know. Well, they all make an appearance in Book number 37 of 2011 James Rollins great new novel The Devil Colony. I agree with Lee Child who says : “Nobody-and I mean nobody-does this stuff better than Rollins“. And this stuff is a great adventure tale with lots of history thrown in!

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