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Music from Jerry Jeff Walker Powers A Fine Morning Run!

The Run

This morning when I woke up I felt pretty good and there was no question that I was going to run, My pre-run exercise was my Kundalini-Weights routine followed by a 10-minute meditation, The music for both was Illumination of the Heart the latest release from New Age artist Deuter. The album has been in my rotation for over a week now and has been a soundtrack for yoga/meditation and also a run. When I finished my yoga and changed into my running clothes, I weighed myself and was shocked at a weight of 170 lbs! Down about 3 to 4 pounds from when I started running a month ago!

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The Children of Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker in Song!

Tom Paxton's - Jennfier''s Rabbit for his daughter!

Songs about their Children from Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker

I’ve written before that I’ve been listening to the music of both Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker. During that time my four children have grown, two are now married with one presenting us with a new grandson, and another is going to give us another grandchild in September. I’ve also listened to Tom Paxton’s two daughters, Jennifer and Kate and Jerry Jeff”s children Django and Jessie, grow up in song. Boy I feel old!

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Lunchtime Music from Jerry Jeff Walker as he sings Chris Wall and Bill Staines’ songs!! Bill sings one, too!

Live at Gruene Hall

Live at Gruene HallThrough the years Jerry Jeff Walker has introduced me to many great songwriters like Guy Clark,and Townes Van Zandt. Two other songwriters  songs appear on the Jerry Jeff’s album Live at Gruene Hall.. First, three Chris Wall songs appear on the album “I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight”..”Trashy Women” and this one “Rodeo Wind” Can’t you just see that cowboy out in the barn saddling his horse, with his woman leaning against the frame of the barn door, as he gets ready to ride off into the sunset!

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Morning Music – March 18, 2014 from Jerry Jeff and John Sebastian!!

Hill Country Rain

Hill Country RainOk so when I started this blog, my idea for morning music was to play something that made me happy! Kinda’ a morning pick me up that we all need! So here we go – after reading and listening to both John Sebastian and Jerry Jeff the other day, I started to think about songs that they sing that put me in a good mood! Here’s three of then, two from Jerry Jeff and one from John Sebastian – with Jerry Jeff we’ll dance in the Hill Country Rain and then ride down that road with Curly and Lil because you know – “It’s good times when they get here….” and the John Sebastian is gonna’ painted rainbows all over your blues!! Have a good day y’all!!

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JJW’s Birthday Celebration Continues with “Ramblin’ Scramblin'” and “Morning Song to Sally”

Driftin Way of Life

Driftin Way of LifeSo return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, the year was 1969, I was a naïve eighteen year-old and sometime during that year. probably on Gen Shay’s show on WDAS-FM this song from Jerry Jeff Walker.

You know I don’t think I’d ever heard a song that included a drop kick in the crotch or someone getting rolled, let alone in the same song!! The song was from Jerry Jeff’s second release Driftin’ Way of Life. And along with “Drifting Way of Life” and “Morning Song for Sally” was one of my favorite songs from the album. Thinking about JJW and his music, one thing I like about his music is that in one song he can be all “Gonzo” and the next minute he can be singing something as nice and beautiful as “Morning Song to Sally” So before we break out the “Sangria Wine” and “Redneck Mother”, let’s go “into the night” with “Morning Song to Sally”

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This Day in Music – March 16, 1942 – Happy Birthday, Jerry Jeff Walker!!


JJW!So on this day in 1942 in Oneonta, NY, one Ronald Clyde Crosby, aka Jacky Jack, and more well-known as Jerry Jeff Walker was born!! Jerry Jeff’s music has been a part of the musical soundtrack of my life since the late 1960s. And his music has been with me as I walked across the campus of the University of Florida singing “High Hill Country Rain”, to rocking my children to sleep to “Mr Bojangles”, to sending my son’s best friend into hysterics over “Pissin’ in the Wind” and of course “Redneck Mother” is always just a moment away in that jukebox in my head! The first few songs on his album Navajo Rug can for some reason always pull me out of a bad mood. His music introduced me to songwriters like Guy Clark, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bill Staines and the great Chris Wall as well as a myriad of other Texas musicians!! Ok so I could go on and on about Jerry Jeff but Jerry Jeff over the years has spread the celebration of his birthday over three days, performing concerts in Luckenbach and in Austin, so I think that it’s only fitting that I at least spread it over at least ONE day. So with that thought in mind, I will post Jerry Jeff songs throughout the day today. I can hear my wife now, oh joy! NOT!

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Afternoon Music with Jerry Jeff and thoughts of our children!

bossy boots

So over the last week as my wife has organized her old pictures from her grandmother, she’s also come across other pictures of our family, scanned and posted them on Facebook. Some of the photos she’s posted we haven’t seen for a while, while others are old favorites. She posted this one of our son Peter on the day that he left to go to Long Island for six weeks for his new job. It reflects his nickname when he was little “Bossy Boots”

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Today in Music – Happy Birthday – Jerry Jeff Walker!!

Jerry Jeff Walker

Jerry Jeff Walker
So one this day in 44 BC – Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated by high-ranking Roman Senators. The day is known as the “Ides of March.” then 1986 years later something even bigger happened ….in Oneonta, New York one Ronald Clyde Crosby was born!! ok so maybe it wasn’t too much bigger, maybe even a little tiny bit smaller, yeah, it was no big thing except to the fans of one Jerry Jeff Walker, which is the name that Mr. Crosby adopted when he took to the road making music!  His music found it’s way onto my record turntable in around 1969, when I first bought Mr Bojangles and Jerry Jeff’s music has been part of my life ever since then!

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Morning Musings: A Lifetime of songs from Tom Paxton and Jerry Jeff Walker

So yesterday afternoon I was leaving to go to work at Target and I was in a bad mood. I had worked Saturday from 6:00 am to 1:30 at one job and then came home, then went to Target from 4:30 to 11:15! When I finally got home, our next-door neighbors were having a party that lasted well past midnight! Anyway I was in a bad mood, so I wanted to listen to some music that would better my mood, hum some Modern Man, Steve Goodman, Tom Paxton…. I settled on Jerry Jeff and went for his collection of songs titled Gypsy Songman. The opening track is the title track,  that track and I go back 40 years plus and it got me to thinking. Many of the artist and songs I listen to are caught in time. Their music was made and then they left us either through death like Jimi Hendrix,  Jim Morrision, Stevie Ray Vaughan or band demise like The Beatles or Cream. Well two of the constants in my musical life over the last forty years have been Tom and Jerry Jeff and well they gotten older and things have changed and they still write songs about it. Listening to “Gypsy Songman” the line rang out “little Django runs around, Jesse acts like a clown” A few songs later comes one of my favorite Jerry Jeff songs “She Knows Her Daddy Sings” Jerry Jeff’s song to Jesse about his life on the road. [audio:http://www.memyselfmusicandmysteries.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/19-Track-19.mp3|titles=19 Track 19] Well Jesse and Django are all grown up now and Django has his own recording career now and Jesse got married. Jerry Jeff wrote about that and it’s on the album Moon Child   [audio:http://www.memyselfmusicandmysteries.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/05-This-Wedding-Day.mp3|titles=05 This Wedding Day] Now Tom Paxton has stuck one family song in my head so that any time I meet a person named Jennifer the lyrics from his song to his first daughter Jennifer pops into my head: Several years later when his second daughter Kate was born he was forced to write her song “Kate”! Well like Jesse and Django have grown up and have their own children and several years ago Tom wrote this song for them. [audio:http://www.memyselfmusicandmysteries.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Tom_Paxton_Comedians__Angels_12_Jennifer_And_Kate.mp3|titles=Tom_Paxton_Comedians__Angels_12_Jennifer_And_Kate] What a touching song for both his wife Midge and his daughters. Yes my life has changed over the last forty years and Jerry Jeff and Tom Paxton touched me with their music back then and they still touch me with their music now, as son Peter(25) is approaching his second wedding anniversary, son Andrew (30) makes plans for his wedding in November, little Elizabeth (21) enters her senior year at William and Mary and is just as woderful as her mother and I know she’ll be as great as mother as my wife, and the old man Nick (32) well he just keeps on rolling on making his own music!  Tim Grimm has an album out now title Thank You Tom Paxton and I’ll add Jerry Jeff’s name! It’s been a great ride and I hope it keeps going!!

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Satan’s Environmentalist and Morning Music from John Prine and Tom PAxton!

Addicting Info: Justin “Filthy Liberal Scum” Rosario:Destroy All Humans! The Secret Satan Spawned Plot Of Environmentalists (According To The Insane Right Wing) 

Hum, who destroyed “Paradise”??

yep, those pawns of Satan are out to destroy the world….soon we’ll ask “Whose Garden was This” because of those “Environmentalists” right!

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