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From Mitch Rapp to John Prine a long work day!!

So today was one of those long work days, it started at 7 AM and ended after 11:30! But there’s always a little time for music when driving to and from workplaces and also a little time for reading while I watched water not drain out of percolation test holes. Since I didn’t want to take a library book in the field I picked up a paperback, one of the books in Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series that I am behind in, Consent to Kill so far so good. I enjoy this series but have gotten behind and have attempted to start this book several times never getting very far!

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Lost Album – Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings – Found!

So today I put the iPod on recently added and let it go and listened first to At Edwards Barn and loved listening again to “Eight Miles High”, “Turn, Turn, Turn” and all the great songs on this album. Then I listened to Spike Flynn an Australian singer songwriter’s new album It’s Alright an album that I like more and more as I listen to it! Will be writing more about it shortly!

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Forgotten Albums – 2- Aimless Love – John Prine

The second forgotten album that I listened to Friday night was John Prine’s Aimless Love. Aimless Love was Prine”s eight album released in 1884. Now I wore out the first three albums John Prine, Diamonds in the Rough and Sweet Revenge and each album I have through Storm Windows released in 1980 got a good listen to but Aimless Love and German Afternoons never got that many spins, why do you say, oh, the eighties are the missing years of music listening, mainly resulting from the births of Nick (’79), Andrew (’82), Peter (’86) and Elizabeth (’90) and assorted family tragedies including the deaths of my mother-in-law and my father. Mainly the ’80’s were the musical years of Raffi and Sharon, Lois andBram! So I really didn’t pick  up listening to Prine again until The Missing Years release.

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