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Today in Music August 26, 1970 – The Isle of Wight Festival opens….later Leonard Cohen quells the crowd!


Isle1970On Thursday August 26, 1970, a few weeks before I would leave home to go to school at the University of Florida, across the pond on the Isle of Wight the last, for a long time, Isle of Wight Festival opened! Here’s what promoter said on the Monday morning after the festival….

“This is the last festival, enough is enough , it began as a beautiful dream but it has got out of control and become a monster. ”

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Today in Music – September 24, 1934 – Leonard Cohen is born!

Leonard Cohen

Leonard CohenBack in May of this year, Leonard Cohen one the award for Songwriter of the Year along with the Artist of the Year at the Juno Awards Gala Dinner and Awards, Today, we celebrate the 79th birthday of this music legend!!

“[Cohen is] one of the most fascinating and enigmatic … singer/songwriters of the late ’60s [and] has retained an audience across four decades of music-making … Second only to Bob Dylan (and perhaps Paul Simon) [in terms of influence], he commands the attention of critics and younger musicians more firmly than any other musical figure from the 1960s who is still working at the outset of the 21st century.”[3]   – critic Bruce Eder  at AllMusic

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Today in Music History: Happy Birthday Leonard Cohen!

So the day my mother passed the 18th, was also my wife’s birthday, so when people at her work brought in cake, etc to celebrate, she had to tell them, and of course their good mood was soon deflated. We joked about it as my mom’s last revenge on the woman who stole her son away! Kathy said when this was happening, she felt just like the frogman, the octopus and sex Woo Hoo Just Had Sex.

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Lunchtime Music – The Songs of Leonard Cohen – McCabe and Mrs. Miller

So on August 13, 1971, my wife and I went on our first date to see the movie McCabe and Mrs.Miller with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. Probably in hindsight it was not the best movie to take a seventeen year old girl to, but things obviously worked out ok! Throughout the movie, I was in awe in how well the songs of Leonard Cohen fit the movie, particularly the opening song “The Stranger Song”. That song was also used throughout the movie. Here is the opening of the movie!!

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Something borrowed…. from L. Cohen

The something borrowed music that I listened to yesterday came from Jennifer Warnes and her classic 1987 album of Leonard Cohen songs Famous Blue Raincoat. This was a favorite album of my wife’s and in particular Warnes version of the title track. Warnes toured as a backup singer with Cohen in the 1970s. (maybe she was there when we saw Leonard at the Irvine Auditorium at the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1970’s) The album includes many of my favorite Cohen tracks like “First We Take Manhatten” from I’m Your Man which had not even been released when Warnes’ album was released. While many of the songs were favorites like “Bird on a Wire” “Ain’t No Cure for Love”, “Song of Bernadette” others like “Night Comes On”, “If It Be Your Will” and “Coming Back to You” were less familiar having coming from the album Various Positions which is not in my collection. Both “Night Comes On” and “If It Be Your Will” were added to the 20th Anniversary Edition of the album along with “Ballad of the Runaway Horse” and a live version of “Joan of Arc” recorded in Belgium, 1992.

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