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Loudon Wainwright III -“I’ll Be Killing You This Year for Christmas”

Loudon Wainwright - I Don't have the blues yet

From Loudon Wainwright’s Album – I Don’t Have the Blues (Yet) 

I missed this song  from Loudon Wainwright III last Christmas. The first time I heard the song “I’ll Be Killing You This Christmas” was last night on my way to work at Target, and as I listened I first thought, OK?  As the songs, continued I soon was smiling and then laughed out loud! The song is included on Wainwright’s new album I Don’t Have the Blues (Yet) and it’s one of the several new treasures , from the folksong master! I have written before that I have never been a big fan of Wainwright but after his last several albums, I have changed my opinion. Of course another reason may be that at 68 years old, Loudon is just slightly older than I am. and many of the songs in his last few albums have dealt with aging, songs like the title of his last album “Older than the Now” which talks about when you become older than your father ever was, and on this album “Brand Ne Dance”. Anyway, I’ve only listened to the album once and I don’t know that I made it all the way through, but as of right now, the Grade for the album is a B+ and rising!!

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Folk Monday – Loudon Wainwright III

So I’ll admit that I am not a big Loudon Wainwright II fan the only Wainwright album we have is Unrequited which had the great hit “Rufus is a Tit Man” so you know how long ago that was! 1975 the year of my marriage! Anyway I downloaded Loudon’s new album Ten Songs for the New Depression and have been listening to it for about a week now – and while I think it may be a short shelf life album (an idea taken for Tom Paxton who always writes little topical songs that will be great while the 15 minutes of fame of the subject is current but then will fade quickly) it’s a great album now!  The songs are all well written with Loudon’s wry sense of humor shining through. From his website:

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