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Book 21 of 2012 – The Black Tower – Louis Bayard

So I carry around a lot of trivia in my head, and most times I do well answering questions on Jeopardy, but there are two categories that would cause me to lose if I ever  appeared on the show. The first would be 80’s music, and the second would be royalty, be it British, French or any other, I know little about all those Henrys, Edwards, Tudors, Stewarts or the French Bourbons. So after finishing my latest read I showed it to my wife and told her I thought she would like it. Her response was “You reading about royalty?”  Anyway Book 21 for 2012 is Louis Bayard’s The Black Tower. The book caught my eye a while ago at Barnes & Noble and a couple of weeks ago when I found it on the bargain table for $ 3.99 I couldn’t pass it up. The book opens with the following passage:

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