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Monday Morning Get Moving Music!! Michael Cleveland – “Lee Highway Blues” (video)

Michael Cleveland
Ok so it's a rainy Monday here in New Jersey. the weekends over, time to get that body moving and that means some music from the great fiddler Michael Cleveland and his band Flamekeeper.... From AllMusic.. Henryville, IN, native Michael Cleveland quickly became known as one of the hottest attractions in bluegrass, aptly achieving recognition for his blistering and unconventional fiddle style, not for the fact that he is blind. His love for bluegrass began early, and in 1990 he first appeared at Bill Monroe's renowned Bean Blossom Festival. In 1993, at the age of 13, he appeared as fellow fiddler Alison Krauss' guest at the Grand Ole Opry, soon appearing on A Prairie Home Companion and playing before the U.S. Congress.Read More

Sunday’s Music – Stalling, Cleveland and Corritore

Well my emusic downloads refreshed the other day and I have been checking the new stuff they’ve added in the last month. It seems that they’ve added a lot of new stuff from Rounder Records so a lot of new folk albums. So did I download any of thing  from Rounder? No I did not. I download three albums: Max Stalling’s  new album Home To You, Michael Cleveland’s  album Flamethrower from 2002 and Bob Corritore and Friends album Harmonica Blues. I’ve been a Max Stalling fan for a while and have four albums in my collection. The first and probably my favorite is Wide Afternoon. I just listened to Michael Cleveland’s music for the first time last month and Bob Corritore’s album has been on the Roots Music Report for the last several weeks and I took a chance mainly because I really do like harmonica blues!

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Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper – Bluegrass

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Exploring the Music of  Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

After listening to Blackberry Smoke I was doing some writing and needed to listen to something without words, so I put on some Wynton Kelly, piano. Kelly played a lot with Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery and is a fine jazz pianist. I listened to an album of about six songs all very good jazz! Then it was time for sone twang I had checked the Roots Music Report and found a couple of names I didn’t know and went to Rhapsody to listen. The two artist were Michael Cleveland and the Flamekeeper and Frank Solivan and the Dirty Kitchen. Both albums were pure bluegrass and really good. I really didn’t listen that closely to all the tracks but the picking and vocals were both really good. Like Blackberry Smoke they both will be downloaded for some further listening.

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