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Finally I run…..and listen to some Bluegrass from “down under” Mustered Courage!!


So with the temperatures yesterday only in the high 70s, there was no reason not to run other than laziness! So on went the running shoes and off I went. I spent half of the run trying to decide whether  I should just turn my four-mile run into a three-mile run or at least not run up the hill at Pancoast! I did neither once I was over the hump at 2 miles and was heading down Pancoast, I was able to tell myself, 2.5 down 1.5 to go, and then 3  down 1 to go, etc and I finally made it all  the way to the end, all 4 miles of it in the record shattering time (can you read the sarcasm in the words?) of 45:25 – oh boy! The splits 1 – 10:21 2- 11:43 uphill 3 – 11:07 downhill 4 12:14 ugh!! Hey what can I say I’m old and it’s my first run since July 28!! Let’s hope that it gets better. Oh and I also have the excuse, that it’s August, a month when my hay fever allergy keeps me perpetually tired!!

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