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This Date in Music – November 12, 1945 Neil Young was born!

Neil Young

Neil YoungToday, we celebrate the birthday of a Rock music icon Neil Young, who born on November 12, 1945 in Toronto, Canada. From Wikipedia….

His father, Scott Alexander Young (1918–2005), was a journalist and sportswriter who would later rise to prominence in Canada for his work.[21] His mother, Edna Blow Ragland “Rassy” Young (1918–1990) was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.[22] His mother was an American of French ancestry.[23] They married in 1940 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and their first son, Robert ‘Bob’ Young, was born in 1942.

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Book 10 of 2013 – Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace

Waging Heavy Peace

Waging Heavy PeaceSo I finally completed my journey through the life of Neil Young last night, when I finished what is Book 10 for 2013, Neil’s autobiography Waging Heavy Peace It was a long wonderful, twisting, twisting ramble through his life from growing up and his early years in Canada to his current sober life. He touched on everything in between his time with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills and Nash, his marriages, his kids, passions which include Lionel Trains, the Lincvolt an electric car and Lionel Trains and Pono his plan to get music back to the way it was! Most of all it’s about the the people who he worked with through his solo career, people like Elliott Roberts, Larry Johnson, and his best buddy, David Briggs! Of course there’s a lot about his band mates in Crazy Horse, including Ben Keith and Danny Whitten. This is not your typical autobiography rambles along oftimes covering the same territory, and maybe there’s a little too much about  his cars and taking trips in them, but at the end you come away saying, you know I really think I know more about the real Neil Young when you’re finished! Greg Schneider in his review in the Washington Post: Book review: ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ by Neil Young

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Today in Rock History – Booker T and Neil Young’s birthdays and Riots on the Strip!

So on today’s date in 1944 Booker T Jones of Booker T & the MGs was born in Memphis, and in 1945 Neil Young in Toronto. Since I’ve written about both recently and you really don’t want to hear”Green Onions again!  But if you do go Here.

So the other day on the way back from shopping, I was looking for something on the iPod that both my wife and I would like, and settled on Buffalo Springfield’s Retrospective. What is the association with today’s date, other than Neil Young? You ask, well maybe not!But I’ll tell you anyway on this date in 1966 teens rioting on the Sunset Strip  to protest a curfew on the strip. From Wikipedia:

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