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Archives:A Good Music Day ends in Knight Area from the Netherlands!


Originally posted: May 23, 2o13 at Me, Myself,Music and Mysteries

Friday night on my way to work at Target, I had the iPod  on random shuffle and Knght Area came on today would be a good morning to re-explore the day I first listen to their music!!

Yesterday was a Blues and Prog Rock day I. started the day listening to the new album Seesaw from Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. This was my first listen to the album and. I liked what I heard!  Beth Hart’s strong blues voice and Joe’s powerful guitar are a perfect match! This album will get played a lot over the next  week!

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Neo Prog from the Kingdom of Bahrain – Osiris – Tales of the Divers!!!

Ok so I can’t remember how I came across this band,but somehow I was surfing around looking for Osiris. I think it was from Progstreaming or maybe Just for You on MOG. Anyway the first thing that I found were two albums The Remnants of Life and Lost by a band that I thought was Osiris. I started to listen it was some good Prog Space Rock. When I went to Prog Archives and this is what I got when I typed in Osiris……

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Archives: Prog Rock from Glasgow – Comedy of Errors – Fanfare & Fantasy!

Fanfare and FantasySo I had to go today for a follow-up visit for my new hearing aids. While the trip is longer than the trip to the old place,I got a hearing aid from, the trip does give me time to listen to some music! The trip there was Prog Rock from Glasgow, UK and the way back was nuevo flamenco First the prog rock from Comedy of Errors and their 2013 release Fanfare & Fantasy. Evidently the band formed in 194 had various line-up changes and released a few albums then disbanded and reformed in 2011. And according to the bard at their website:

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The Safari discovers Neo-Prog in Chile – Aisles – 4:45 AM!

So this morning I visited progstreaming.com and listened to snippets of several albums before I settled on the one that I thought I’d like the most. The band that I chose was Aisles and their latest release 4:45 AM. I loaded it up on the iPhone and gave it a listen and thoroughly enjoyed the album. It has some great music on it. Of course, when I was finished, I asked that proverbial questions – who are these guys and where are they from. The answer to the first question, i.e who makes up Aisles is……

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Archives:The Music Safari revisits the Ruhr Area of Germany and InVertigo!

Originally posted at Me,Myself, Music and Mysteries –  August 1, 2012

I guess Andrew started it with his Prog-Rock playlist for Father’s Day and the morning roots remembering continued it and over the last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of Prog-Rock. I’ve already written about one of the bands Dreamscape and today I’ve been listening to another InVertigo. Over the last two days I’e been listening to both of their albums Next Stop Veritgo and their latest release Veritas and I have enjoyed them both.

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