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Oliver Visits the Sheep Farm Again!!

Babysitting Oliver Tomorrow – Is it Back to the Sheep Farm Again?

So tomorrow it’s back to babysitting Oliver solo, well at least for the morning, Through July and August both my wife and I have been babysitting Oliver on Wednesdays, with the reserves Elizabeth and Nick coming in the afternoon. But my wife started back to work today and Elizabeth started working at her new school job (her last year in her Masters program working a year in a school) last week, so all that’s left is me in the morning and Nick and I in the afternoon. I am sure everything will go fine, a lot of times he is better when there are fewer people around, i.e. there is less to get him stimulated when it’s just DA!

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More Walking Adventures of Oliver and Granddad!


Oliver and Granddad Explore the Northern End of Beacon Avenue!

So yesterday was an interesting day of babysitting with our grandson, Oliver. The morning was rough because it rained most of the time. While the rain didn’t bother Oliver, granddad was not amused. The first walk which was shortened, because of the rain, was the better of the two, because the rain was lighter. On the second walk the rain was heavier, and I tried to push the stroller and hold the umbrella , which didn’t work out too well. The later walk would have been the one on which he should have fallen asleep, but as he was screaming, not in a bad way, when we were walking back up his street, I knew that was not to be!! He held out until almost noon, when he couldn’t go anymore and he rocked to sleep to “Uptown Funk”, but when I put him in his crib, he popped back up and I had to lay him on my chest until he fell more deeply asleep!!!

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Oliver and Granddad Walk Around Paulsboro….

Actually, Oliver Rides and Granddad walks and walks and walks……..

So, I pretty much think that when they say that you should walk 3 times a week for thirty minutes a walk,that they don’t mean do it all in one day!!  That’s what I did yesterday as grandson Oliver and I took five, count them, five walks around his Paulsboro neighborhood!

When the day started  Oliver seemed tired, and we made it all the way until about 8:30 before he wanted to go for a walk. My wife and I arrived at 8 by the way! So off, Oliver and I went. The walk lasted about thirty minutes and we visited the dogs both real and statues on Greenwich Ave, along with the house with the elephant statue in the front yard!

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A Somewhat Trying, Long……but still great day with Oliver!

Isn’t Everyday with a Grandchild?

So today started off a little shaky, I woke up at a 3 minutes before 6 o’clock, which is about 27 minutes later than I usually get up on a morning that I am babysitting Oliver. As a result, I had to run around feed the cats, make my lunch and gather my stuff, which meant I didn’t have time for a short yoga routine. I was looking forward to yoga, because last week it seemed to do a good job getting me in the mood for a fairly strenuous day with my grandson. The picture at the top of this post gives you all an idea of what babysitting Oliver may be like.His mother posted on my Facebook timeline the other day……Asking: Does this remind you of anyone??

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Sometimes it’s not Easy Being Oliver!

Or Oliver’s Parents! 

So last night my daughter-in-law posted this picture on Facebook along with this status:


He’s mad because we took away the time out bench (because he was climbing and standing on it) … Ticket for 1 to meltdown city

My wife’s response was: aww he is heartbroken!

My smarty-pants daughter’s response was: Like this!!

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Oliver’s 1st Birthday Highlights the Week!!

Oliver Celebrates Birthday # 1 in Regal Style as befits the “King of All the Wild Things”

So last week’s babysitting went like this – easy Zoe (2 hrs) on Monday, Mister Go-go gadget legs Oliver on Tuesday (10 hrs)and back to Zoe on Wednesday for six hours – actually all of th days were fairly easy! I say “fairly” because with Oliver nothing is ever REALLY easy with Oliver!

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An Active Day with Oliver!!

Oliver makes babysitting a workout!!

So my last two days have been spent with my two favorite little people! Tuesday was spent with grandson Oliver and today with granddaughter Zoe. Since I am writing about them  tonight may give you an idea which day was more tiring!!  I must say though that my tiredness on Tuesday was increased by the traffic on 295 which caused Andrew to arrive home about a half hour late.

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Exploring the Joys of Grandparenthood! Halloween’s made fun again!

So after many years of being an irrelevant holiday, my grandchildren made Halloween relevant today!! Oliver and his mom Meaghan visited my wife and I at my wife’s workplace today (Riverside schools) and then Zoe and her parents had dinner with us tonight!!

I love music of all kinds,
but there’s no greater music
than the sound of my grandchildren laughing;
my kids, too.

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