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Remembering Journalist William Worthy (1921-2014) Democracy Now and “The Ballad of William Worthy” – Phil Ochs (videos)

Willliam Worthy
This morning when I went out to run some errands I took the iPod with me and set it on shuffle songs.Phil Ochs' song "The Ballad of William Worthy" came on about in the middle of the trip. Since Mr Worthy died on the 4th of last month (May), I'll take the playing of the song as a sign that I should take a few moments to reflect on the life of a very important journalist that we should all know a little more about!!

May 21, 1968 – Last Contact from the USS Scorpion that never returns…..(Phil Ochs Video)


Uss_scorpion_SSN589May 21, 1968 the last signals from the United States’ nuclear submarine USS Scorpion were heard. From shortly before midnight on the 20th of May through midnight on the 21st the Scorpion tried to send radio traffic to the Naval Station in Rota Spain, but was only able to reach a Naval communications station in Nea Makri, Greece. These messages were forwarded to SUBPLANT. Six Days later the submarine was reported overdue at Norfolk.

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This Day in Music – April 9, 1976 – The Music World lost Phil Ochs – Gone, Gone, Gone by his own hand

Phil Ochs2


Today is a day that many of us old folkies mourn the loss of Phil Ochs. From the first time that I heard “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” I was a fan! He was such a brilliant songwriter and social commentator, his albums were all worn out on my record players! His music, along with Tom Paxton and John Prine, had the most impact on my musical life, as well as, political life! On today’s date in 1976, Phil hung himself and the folk music world mourned!

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A Night for Musical Poetry from Phi Ochs “The Highway Man” and “Changes”!!

Phil Ochs

So tonight I’m in the mood for a little poetry and that means Phil Ochs’ version of “The Highwayman”!! Here’s a short post from about a year ago!

Phil OchsHere  are  two Phil Ochs’ songs. The first is “The Highwayman” based on the poem by Alfred Noyes, from the program “Come, Read to Me a Poem” which appeared on April 12, 1967. This sad and beautiful poem has always been a favorite, Phil did a great job putting the music to the poem and creating a captivating and sad song!

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