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Life’s Soundtrack – Phil Ochs and Ray Wylie Hubbard

So this week has been a busy week with two ten plus hour work days at Lippincott and a full day at Lippincott and a night at Target on Tuesday and again tonight. Way back on Monday I told you I’d write about the soundtrack of my run on Tuesday morning, well, that didn’t happen. So I’ll tell you now and couple it with an album that I listened to yesterday. The reason that they can be coupled is that they are two of my favorite “live” albums. The soundtrack for Tuesday’s run was a live Phil Ochs album There and Now – Live in Vancover 1968. Recorded in 1968 the tapes were lost in A&M’s tape vaults for 21 years and the album was not released until after that.  The album features poet Allen Ginsberg playing the bells on  “The Bells,” and includes many of my Phil Ochs favorites including “The Highwayman”,   “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” “Changes” and “There But For Fortune”. The album was recorded shortly after the Democratic National Convention and includes “William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed”  The concert is not perfect and the warts are what makes it fun as Ochs at tims forgets lyrics and at another point goes into a Bob Dylan impersonation in mid-song! Anyway the album is great so give it a listen if you get a chance!

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