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Book 33 for 2013 – James Rollins – The Eye of God!

The Eye of God

The Eye of GodWith all the music listening and writing this week, I totally forgot to write about Book No. 33 of 2013, James Rollins The Eye of God. I have been a fan of Rollins’ Sigma Force novels since I read my first Map of Bones in 2005, and have enjoyed Rollins blending of science, history and of course a lot of action into 9 terrific reads!! It’s interesting as I write this that characters that first appeared in Map of Bones play a central part in this latest novel.

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Book 37 – The Devil Colony – James Rollins

Let’s see what do the following have in common: Mormonism, Chief Canasatego,Thomas Jefferson, the Super-Kamiokande detector, nontechnology,the Anasazi, the children of Lehi, Iceland and the Laki eruption and Merriweather Lewis! Don’t know, how about if I add the Sigma Force, still don’t know. Well, they all make an appearance in Book number 37 of 2011 James Rollins great new novel The Devil Colony. I agree with Lee Child who says : “Nobody-and I mean nobody-does this stuff better than Rollins“. And this stuff is a great adventure tale with lots of history thrown in!

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