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Yesterday’s Travels Down Memory Roads leads to a New Playlist

Wetlands - Tab Benoit

Yesterday’s Travels Down Memory Roads Lead to a New Type of Playlist…..

Yesterday I went to get a used auto part for my car. In doing so I had to travel on a road that I probably traveled at least once a week for 30 some odd years to get to many a job site.

As the miles rolled by pieces of my life did to . There went one of the many houses that I designed the septic system for. There’s the field where we were going to dig test pits one day.Until the County Health inspector threatened to take my backhoe operator back in the woods and beat the crap out if him over same question about rights to hunt on some property, There went another field where I did a large number of hand auger. borings and percolation tests and the list went on as the miles went by……

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Blues Wednesday – Tab Benoit is on that Night Train to Nashville


NightTrain to Nashville2

As I was heading down Hartford Road this morning toward the site I was going to in Medford, I was checking out the wooded wetlands along the way. After two days of rain they looked a lot like the Louisiana Bayou and I knew I had the right CD playing, Night Train to Nashville by Tab Benoit. This is a favorite (aren’t they all?) and captures Benoit at his best. The album has a great mix of music (I’ll write more about the album tomorrow when I get my notes!) I do know that three songs that really stood out again today aside from the title track were “Too Sweet for Me” with outstanding harp work from the Fabulous Thunderbird’s Kim Wilson (who I left out of Sunday’s shopping mix because it was on the way home!), “Fever for the Bayou” and “Muddy Bottom Blues”

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