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A Fine Run w/ Bluegrass from The Boxcars & Info via Runner’s World Re: Music and Running!

The Boxcars

Well, whether I needed a little motivation or not to get me out on the road and running today, I got some yesterday, when I ran into the best runner on my high school cross-country team yesterday, while shopping at Target. See he is running a triathlon today I’m not really how far the swim and the bike ride are but the run part is a 10K! While  know there’s no way in hell  I can even come close to competing with him, it does give me some incentive though just to keep plodding along. Anyway the weather was fairly co-operative today staying in the low 80s, but even with that I waited until the sun was down a little and ran a course that I knew was shaded for most of the run!!  While my overall time was nothing to write home about, my average pace of 10:51 a mile over four miles is acceptable, at least for me, especially since I kept my heart rate under 160 even going uphill!

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