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A Jazzy Night – Wes and Buddy Montgomery

So the Phillies lose Game 1 of the National League Championship Series and face a tough lefthander in Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long series!! Well with the game tonight and some work this after didn’t do a whole lot of listening. I did rip and start to listen to a Wes Montgomery album I bought last night Fingerpickin’ I listened to the first couple of tracks this afternoon and they sounded pretty good and what really stood out was Wes’ brother Buddy on vibes! I guess since I’ve listened to mostly Wes’ music either solo or in a trio setting I never noticed the vibes that much! Anyway I went to Rhapsody and did find a couple of albums that Buddy did solo and I think I found a new vibes player to listen to! I listened for a little while and then the computer cut out and I switched to reading of Tess Gerritsen’s new book!!

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