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Willie Nelson – Americana Icon

Willie Nelson – Music Legend – Born April 29, 1933 – Abbott, Texas

Back at the beginning of April my wife sent me a text on a Friday night that said: Willie Nelson is dead!. I was really upset. Willie dead. You know that it is going to happen eventually but Willie is on of those people who you think is just going to go on forever!  I was talking to a young co-worker about Willie and told him the story about the time Willi’s first wife Martha sewed a sleeping Willie in a bed sheet and then beat the hell out of him with a broomstick. He had never heard the story before and we both had a good laugh about it!! The next morning as I searched for news about his passing I quickly discovered that it was a hoax!! You can read about it here. So today we can thankfully celebrate Willie Nelson’s 82nd birthday, Happy Birthday Willie!

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This Day in Music – April 30, 1933 – Abbott, Texas – Willie Nelson was born!!

Willie Nelson 3

So today is Willie Nelson’s 81st birthday, Happy Birthday Willie! From  Wikipedia; Willie Hugh Nelson…Willie Nelson 3

….was born in Abbott, Texas on April 29, 1933,[1] during the Great Depression, to Myrle Marie (née Greenhaw) and Ira Doyle Nelson.[2] He was born on April 29, 1933, but his birth was recorded by doctor F. D. Sims on April 30.[1] He was named Willie by his cousin Mildred, who also chose Hugh as his middle name, in honor of her recently deceased younger brother.[1] Nelson’s ancestry includes EnglishIrish, and Cherokee.[3] His parents moved from Arkansas in 1929, to look for work. Nelson’s grandfather, William, worked as a blacksmith, while his father worked as a mechanic.[4] His mother left soon after he was born,[5] and his father remarried and also moved away, leaving Willie and his sister Bobbie to be raised by their grandparents. Read More

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