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This Week in Yoga – End of the Week Update


The Yoga  – “The Essence of Self”  and Kundalini/Weights and More

So the last time I chronicled my adventures in Exerciseland was Tuesday night June 30th. On morning Tuesday, I missed my yoga, but I did do the Kundalini kriya “For A New Energy Balance” in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening i’ did a quick very relaxing kriya called “Movement”.to prepare for the non-stop movement of a day babysitting of Oiiver! I also created a circuit timer for the kriya “Essence of Self”, the length of the kriya is around 15 minutes so it was a perfect fit for the time I had on Wednesday morning.

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Yoga and New Age Music – Yeah!

Morning Yoga plus Afternoon Yoga with New Age makes for a good day!!

This morning I worked at Target from 7 to 12, but before work I did do the 10-minute yoga sequence associated with the Yoga Journal’s 17 Poses to Jump-Start Your Day.I was able to do  the five poses that make up this sequence a little easier this morning yesterday. Tomorrow  I will have more time in the morning because I don’t work  until tomorrow night, so I plan on doing the 20-minute version sequence that version adds 5 more poses, bringing the total routine to 10 poses!

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My Yoga Practice Continues to Expand!

Yoga Expansion Includes New Nighttime and Morning Routines!

Now I don’t know whether or not the yoga I did over the weekend and Monday lead to a great day with my going on 15 month-old grandson, but I’m assuming that it had something to do with how good I felt all day long and into the night! No naps when I came home! So with that thought in mind I have decided to continue to ramp up my yoga exercising!

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Expanding My Morning Yoga

Two Mornings with Yoga Journal‘s 17 Poses to Prep for Mindful Meditation

Yesterday and today my morning yoga routines came from the Yoga Journal website. The other night when I was exploring the website I went to the Meditation Page.In the middle of the page was a post title 17 Poses to Prep for Mindful Meditation The routines in the post are divided by the length of time that you have to exercise. There are three routines for each of the following time periods: 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Yesterday I was pressed for time, so I only did the ten minute routine. This routine consists of four poses and four rounds a round consists of each pose done on both legs and held for the following round one -30 seconds, round 2 and 3 for 10 seconds and round 4 for 5 to 6 seconds. You can check out the poses here. Because I was unfamiliar with a couple of the poses it took me a little longer to complete a round, so I think I only did three rounds instead of the four.

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AM Yoga & More – Music By Painted Raven

AM Yoga Leads to Thoughts of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge!

So last Friday I thought that I was pretty much over my cold so I went to work at Target. What I found out after spending three hours pouring semi-frozen creamers and milk down the sink so they bottles could tossed was that I wasn’t! Throughout that night and the subsequent days my hacking cough and stuffy nose was still hanging on with a vengeance! On Monday I went to the doctor’s and he thought that a lot off the mucus and nasal congestion was from allergies. Anyway, for most of the week I have been in the netherworld,  not bad enough to be really sick and not well enough to say I’m better. And of course, it has been a busy week: Oliver on Tuesday, Target Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning and then Target again tonight! .But last night I slept through the night without coughing and today I am not coughing anywhere near as much as I have been and even when I do cough it isn’t that bad!  This morning I have gotten several things done around the house.

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Yoga first, then Babysitting Zoe this AM!

Morning Yoga then off to sit with Zoe where I hear Wah Yantee from Kundalini Yoga!

Babysitting my granddaughter Zoe this morning. When I got here this morning her grandmom said that she wouldn’t go to sleep, Thought she may have been a little cranky – not!

Zoe after morning yoga!

She played nicely for a while and then she went to sleep about an hour later.(9:30) She’s still asleep an hour and a half later. Now she’s off schedule but she will  be fine. Because I didn’t have to be here until 8:30 this AM, I had time to do a yoga routine. Since I ran yesterday (more on that later) I just wanted to do some simple yoga, so I turned to routine 1 of 3 from Richard Hittleman!

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Wake Up with the Half Sun Salutation……

half sun salutation

half sun salutationSo for the last week or so I have been tried to start my day i.e. before I start my morning feeding of our five cats and cleaning liters boxes, etc. Welcome to my morning world! With three easy half sun salutations The half sun salutation is a perfect way to start the day or actually to relax any time during the day! You don’t need as much room, or to get on the floor for this one so it’s good for anywhere! Here are some instructions for the routine…..

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