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A Tiring Day with Zoe?

Zoe at the Library

Uh, I Think the Run was a wee more tiring than Zoe!

Ok so today was not a work at Target day. It was a babysit Zoe day, which is a little more fun. Watching Zoe is a cake job. I really don’t think you can say that about most 2 1/2 year-olds! When I arrived at 9:30, Zoe had just gotten up. She was watching TV and eating her breakfast. So I look at some stuff on my Kindle for a little while. After finishing her breakfast, she grabbed my hand and said it was time to play doll house. All that really meant was I had to sit by the doll house while she played. She basically played with the doll house for the next hour until it was time to pick up my wife for lunch. We came over to our house. Zoe played nicely with a finger-stamping set. She also had some yogurt.

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Two Fun Afternoons With Miss Zoe

Babysitting Miss Zoe while Father Pete Went Off to the Doctors

This week my son Peter had two doctor’s appointments for his recent bouts with pain in his upper abdomen. The pains sent him to the hospital and left the doctors scratching their heads. All of his major organs look fine i.e.gall bladder, kidneys and liver. The initial diagnosis was pancreatitis. On Tuesday, he had an endoscopy and Thursday he had an appointment with a urologist. Since his wife Melissa went with him, we were happy to step in and watch Miss Zoe.

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Grammie and Granddad Babysit Zoe……….

.…..and have a great two days with Zoe, can’t wait for the next two (Monday and Wednesday)  with Oliver!!

My son Peter and his wife Melissa spent an anniversary weekend in Boston this Friday and Saturday, so my wife and I go to spend some extended time with our granddaughter Zoe. While Miss Zoe is a lot more active now that she can get around on her own, she is still a sea of calm compared to the whirling dervish that is grandson Oliver.

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Zoe turns 10 months – Oh My!


The Ever Quiet Zoe is getting a little  Fiesty at 10 Months!

So over the last little while I have posted more about my grandson Oliver, than my granddaughter Zoe. The main reason for that is Zoe’s mom Melissa left her job several months ago and I haven’t been babysitting Zoe twice a week like I was back in the winter. My wife and I see her at least once a week, or so, and she is a wonderfully happy little girl. She is standing by herself now, and walking several steps,all with the small great smile she has always had. Every month her mother has posted a picture on her monthly anniversary. As a sign of growing independence Zoe wasn’t much interested in having having her picture taken last month…..

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Yoga first, then Babysitting Zoe this AM!

Morning Yoga then off to sit with Zoe where I hear Wah Yantee from Kundalini Yoga!

Babysitting my granddaughter Zoe this morning. When I got here this morning her grandmom said that she wouldn’t go to sleep, Thought she may have been a little cranky – not!

Zoe after morning yoga!

She played nicely for a while and then she went to sleep about an hour later.(9:30) She’s still asleep an hour and a half later. Now she’s off schedule but she will  be fine. Because I didn’t have to be here until 8:30 this AM, I had time to do a yoga routine. Since I ran yesterday (more on that later) I just wanted to do some simple yoga, so I turned to routine 1 of 3 from Richard Hittleman!

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Zoe Provides a Recovery Day!


Oliver provides the Workout and Zoe the Recovery – Yin and Yang Once More!

If babysitting Oliver is the workout, then babysitting Zoe is the recovery day!! About the only part of my body that got a good workout yesterday were my fingers. They were chewed on by Miss Zoe most of the day! They were preferred over the teething rings! When I got there Zoe was asleep, Melissa said she would probably wake up about 9:30 and she would be ready to eat again at sometime between 10:30 and 11:00, sounded good to me! So I set up the laptop and got to work and occasionally checked on her. The checking became more regular as she was still asleep when 9:30 came around, She was still asleep at 10:00 and at 10:30 now I was worrying, but she was still moving around, so logically I knew she was ok. At about 10:50 or so I was texting with my wife she asked when Zoe was supposed to eat, I said about  five minutes ago,- LOL! Anyway we both thought that her stomach would have her waking soon! Our thoughts were borne out when she awoke a few minutes later, and Kathy wished good luck.

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Another Quiet Afternoon with the often Amazing Zoe!


Yesterday, i spent the afternoon with the very quiet, now five month-old Zoe. That quiet part may change though over the next few  months as she becomes more mobile. Somehow though, I still think she will be somewhat calmer than Mr. Oliver.  Kinda’ like difference between Oliver;s father Andrew and Andrew’s sister Elizabeth, Guess which one loved to stand at the top of a wooden sliding board, when he still wasn’t walking and shake it back and forth!!

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An afternoon with granddaughter Zoe, makes my “happiness” level go up and up!

So taking care of a baby IS like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you don’t forget! So why am I asking this question? Because this afternoon I had to babysit our granddaughter Zoe, by my self!! See daughter-in-law   Missy had a meeting with her advisor at Rutgers, Peter had to work, Elizabeth while off from her school today, she was babysitting Oliver and my wife was working. That left me to help out Pete and Missy!!  So I went right from Target to Pete’s, arriving just in time to get instructions on how to heat Zoe’s bottle, and her eating schedule, before Missy headed out the door.

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Exploring the Joys of Grandparenthood! Halloween’s made fun again!

So after many years of being an irrelevant holiday, my grandchildren made Halloween relevant today!! Oliver and his mom Meaghan visited my wife and I at my wife’s workplace today (Riverside schools) and then Zoe and her parents had dinner with us tonight!!

I love music of all kinds,
but there’s no greater music
than the sound of my grandchildren laughing;
my kids, too.

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