The Best Mystery Authors – Part One – The Ranker List – What Do You Think??

Agatha Christie

Ok so I have visited the Ranker site before, but today and yesterday, I spent some time on the site looking at various list that would pertain to this blog. The following list is one of them. I am in total agreement that Agatha Christie is the greatest mystery writer of all time, but many of the writers that I have read over the years are not even on the list!! and if they are they are well below where they would be on my personal list of the best mystery writers of all time. So I will break this post down into two posts, this is the first, duh! and in it I am presenting the Ranker listing and would ask for your thoughts or comments! The second list will be the Me, Myself and Mysteries list. But you will have to wait until after my 6 and 1/2 hour break! So for now the question is What Do You Think??? No James Lee Burke??

[rnkrwp id=”1007481″ format=”grid” url=”” name=”The Best Mystery Authors”]