Thursday Jazz – Stanton Moore Trio

So since Thursdays have turned into a jazz day I checked the Roots Music Charts for some names and checked out a few artist. At the top of the list and the first album I listen to was Stanton Moore’s new release Groove Alchemy and I didn’t get to listen to much beyond that but I do have a new jazz artist to listen to! It took me a while to remember where I heard the name but Stanton Moore played on and co-produced Anders Osborne’s new album American Patchwork.From Wikipedia:

Stanton Moore is a drummer raised in Metairie, Louisiana. Most widely known as a founding member of Galactic, Moore has also pursued a solo recording career (beginning with his 1998 debut All Kooked Out!) and recorded with bands as diverse as jazz-funk keyboardist Robert Walter and heavy metal act Corrosion of Conformity. He also travels internationally to teach New Orleans drumming, writes a regular column for drumming magazines, and releases instructional books and videos.

Since Hurricane Katrina Moore has helped start and participates in the Tipitina’s Foundation workshop for students, providing young people an opportunity to learn, play and perform with professional musicians.

The Stanton Moore Trio consists of Moore on drums, Robert Waller keyboards and guitarist Will Bernard and together they make great music. Groove Alchemy is his fifth solo album starting with All Kooked Out in 1998 and including Flyin’ the Koop, III, and Emphasis (On Parenthesis). Listening to Groove Alchemy I enjoyed the entire album and probably liked the keyboard work more the Moore’s drums. But throughout the album the interplay between the two instruments was what made the album with the guitar thrown in ever now and then! So I will certainly be checking out the other albums! I have heard Galactic on JamOn on XM Radio and listened to a little from their album Ya-Ka-May their most recent release and it was a little too funky for my tastes . Ialso listen to some of  a few minutes of music from his other group Garage A Trois from their album Power Patroit and that sounded a little strange, but I may listen some more!

Anyway Check out the Stanton Moore Trio “Here’s Pie-Eyed Manc” from the album