Today in Music – July 28, 1971 – The Evil (not really -only to those named Ed) Stephen Lynch was born!

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

Ok so you all know that I hate that horse, the one that talks and was called “Mr. Ed” . The one whose theme song pops into my head when someone says “Hello my name is Mr Ed”….. the one that goes like this….


There’s nothing I hate more than that song, unless it’s that song from the singer-comedian whose birthday it is today! Yes, born on this date in 1971 was that Stephen Lynch…. some Wikipedia info for the few of the people around who don’t know the evil Mr Lynch…..

Stephen Lynch2


Stephen Andrew Lynch (born July 28, 1971, Abington, Pennsylvania), is an American stand-up comedian, musician and Tony Award-nominated actor who is known for his songs mocking daily life and popular culture. Lynch has released two studio albums and two live albums along with a live DVD. He has appeared in two Comedy Central Presents specials and starred in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer. Stephen released a new double-disc (Studio & Live) album, Lion, on November 13, 2012. Read more


….and to think he was born in the Delaware Valley, yeah, but he was raised in Michigan…. maybe that’s were he went wrong! Man, he even lists among his influences: Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Mr. Show, Bill Hicks, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot. Harry Chapin, man, how could he be so mean and cruel, so uncaring, and according to my family so correct, to pen such an evil song as “Special”!!

Well, actually he is a very talented and very funny artist, so Happy Birthday, Stephen!!! And I think maybe I’ll forgive you and check out some of your other albums!! But I WILL NOT FORGIVE those guys who wrote the Mr Ed Theme Song from Wikipedia:

The theme song was written by the songwriting team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans and sung by Livingston. However, they took a theme of the German Romantic era composer Emile Waldteufel as the basis of their song … After using only the music to open the first seven episodes, a decision was made to replace the instrumental-only version with one containing the lyrics. Livingston agreed to sing it himself, at least until a professional singer could be found; however, the producers liked the songwriter’s vocals and kept them on the broadcast.[14]

A joke/controversy concerning the theme song has existed since at least the 1980s: that the tune contains “satanic messages” if played in reverse. This YouTube video [15] suggests that some portions reverse to “sing this song for Satan” and “Satan is the singer”. Over the years, many radio stations have kept this rumor alive, mostly as a parody of the whole “backmasking” controversy.


Hum, how can I play a YouTube video backwards? I need to prove once and for all that they were Satanic!!!

Happy Birthday, Mr Lynch! …….Here’s Stephen with that “Special”……