Tuesday 3/22 – Tidbits

Talking Points Memo: Jon Stewart We’re at War Again?

The Daily Show

Talking Points Memo: Scott Brown: It ‘Goes Too Far’ To Cut All Planned Parenthood Funding

Thanks Scott Brown for agreeing that the proposed cuts to Planned Parenthood go too far. Read the full post: Planned Parenthood

AlterNet.com:Why Does Gas Cost So Much Right Now? Shameless Wall St. Betting on the Price of Oil

Oil Prices! Controls on speculation – “We don’t need no stinking controls” – say those foot dragging Republicans!

So what’s causing this spike in prices? One factor is Wall Street speculation. The government has new powers created by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law to deal with this problem, but as part of their war on consumer protection regulation, Republicans have so far prevented this from happening.