Twang Tuesday – Uh – I guess?

Today for Twang Tuesday I was going to listen to Texas Country rather than Bluegrass. So I started the day reviewing the Texas Music Chart and making a list of albums that looked good. I went to work and started by listening to a couple of the tracks off of Micky and the MotorcarsLive at Billy Bob’s and then a couple of tracks off of the Tommy Gallagher Band album Always Something (I am listening now to the band and “I Got I Made” featuring Mike McClure formerly of The Great Divide on their Myspace page as I write this). and I liked what I heard from both bands unfortunately I was doing some writing, so I needed some background music without lyrics so I switched genres completely and listened to Steve Hobbs a vibes player that I found a couple of weeks ago. I listened to his album Second Encounter a nice album and it let me finish the writing that I was doing.

After lunch I headed for the field and listened to Great American Taxi Reckless Habits on the way there. At the site, I tried to listen to Yonder Mountain String Band’s current release The Show. I listened for a few a while until climbing under the greenbrier the cords to the headphones got as stuck as I did and it was not pleasant!! So I put the music away until the trip home! On the way home I listened to another Yonder Mountain album Town to Town and of the two I much prefer Town to Town to The Show. It has more twang and better picking!!

When I got home I was going to go for a run had the mp3 player set on random and recently added and was good to go… looked at the first song and it was a new band that I discovered the other day Cornmeal from their album Feet First that I thought I was unsuccessful in loading on the player earlier in the day. Anyway I thought great maybe I’ll hear another track during the run. I got less than 2 minutes into the run and the mp3 player mysteriously shut off!!! Hopefully tomorrow, I can listen to Cornmeal and report my findings!

Maybe Blues Wednesday will be more successful!