Unraveling the Cliver Family lines!

James Shreve Regars

So I haven’t posted anything here in several days, why you ask, or maybe not! Anyway, yesterday, we spent some time with granddaughter Zoe and Saturday we babysat for grandson Oliver. The rest of the time I have spent trying to unravel my Cliver ancestral line. I have not really done much work on that line since I discovered it way back about ten to fifteen years ago. My fourth great grandmother is Ann M. Cliver, who was born in 1823. Ann is the daughter of Eleanor Johnson and Samuel Cliver. What I have been trying to figure out is who is the father of Samuel born in 1795 in Burlington County, NJ..

At the direction of my wife, who has been telling me this for years, I started to create a family tree just for the Cliver’s not hooking anyone together until I know there is a connection. The great thing now is that using Ancestry.com and the information that is available on-line the task is not nearly as daunting as it was 15 years ago!! Anyway, from what I have determined there are two Clivers who may be Samuel’s father. They are John Cliver who married Mary Warren and Peter Cliver married to a Sarah Collins.

Samuel Cliver lived most of his life in Mansfield Township, around White Hill. So I started my research with Isaac Cliver,Jr whose father Isaac was about born around the same time as Samuel. He also lived in Mansfield Township. Tracing that line back, I found that Isaac, Sr. was the son of John and Mary Cliver. Then I switched to Joseph King Cliver, whose father Joseph Cliver was also born around the same time as Samuel he was also the son of John and Mary. I have a death certificate in  my file files confirming that connection.

So now I have a pretty large tree, but still no father for Samuel. I have a death certificate for a Sarah Davis born in 1786, which makes her the right age to be Samuel’s sister. Her death certificate says that her father is Peter Cliver and mother Sarah Collins. This morning I spent a little time researching Sarah but I am still not sure who her husband is.

Joel Cliver is another possible sibling of Samuel, but I have no records indicating who his parents are either. The only clue to his father  is, is that he is the only Cliver I have found with a son Peter and Peter’s middle initial is C could it be Collins his grandmother’s maiden name?

Finally my only clue currently as a between Peter Cliver and Samuel is through the name Ridgway. While I am not positive, I believe that Peter had a son Jonathan Ridgway Cliver. Samuel also had a son Jonathan Ridgway Cliver and another Ridgway Cliver! He also had a daughter named Sarah! I know not really a solid connection, is it?? Last night I came across a record that could shed some light on the situation, when I discovered that after Joseph Pyott son of Ann Cliver Pyott, died his widow moved to Philadelphia and lived with a Joseph Cliver. She was listed as a cousin in the census. Ok so who is this Joseph Cliver and who was his father! It turned out that his name was not Joseph but James and he was the son of Ann’s brother Samuel making him the grandson of Samuel. When James died in 1942 the information on  his death certificate was provided by his son-in-law. He listed Samuel’s place of birth as Germany, Samuel was in fact born in New Jersey as was Samuel’s father – but James great-grandfather could be from Germany if he was Peter!! Ok maybe not the best evidence but it may be another piece to the puzzle!!

The problem I face now is that it is so easy to do the research and you can do so much I can’t stop!! Maybe if I cue up a little jazz I can do some listening and researching together!! Sounds like a win-win to me. Wish me luck,I’ll let you know how it goes!!





  1. Jenn

    I am also related to Isaac Cliver and can’t really get much further back I would love to check out your tree on ancestry.

  2. ekkarn (Post author)


    Actually I am related to Samuel Cliver and I have yet to find anything that links him to either of the two Clivers, John And Peter from whom all appear to be descended. The one connection that I have is that Peter had a son Jonathan Ridgway Cliver and Samuel had a son Jonathan Ridgway Cliver, not much but it’s all I have connecting me to Peter Cliver. Since I have not put my Cliver info on the Cliver tree yet – so I gave you links to both of the trees…

    Karn Ashton Tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/77191522/family
    Cliver Tree: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/77191522/family

    Good Luck

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