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Volume Five Powers Granddad’s Run!


Volume Five Provides a Great Soundtrack for Granddad’s First Run in March


Sleping OliverSo I thought I’d post a rare picture of the sleeping Oliver, to prove that he is not always a wild child! I will write more about my day with Oliver later but or now let’s move on to yesterday’s run, well maybe not run, but it was a start! According to the training plan, yesterday was to be a 25 minute run, with a five-minute warm up walk. Now, I would probably have done the walk but I was running late because we were babysitting Zoe yesterday and I was up against impending darkness. So rather than waste time walking I just plunged right into the run. The thing is,if I was running fast, I would say maybe I needed to warm up,first with the walk, but I am going so slow that the run is actually the warm up!  I ran a course that is a modification of a course that’s I created as a 5K course, on a run back in February I covered the 2.56 mile course in 29:31, yesterday when I got back to my house I was at around the same time I didn’t feel that bad so I kept going for a tad more and ended the rum at 30 minutes covering 2.61 miles! Okay, so I ran for longer than I was supposed to and I didn’t do the 5 minute warm up walk, but today I feel pretty good and I think that if things go well I can either run again tomorrow or Thursday!

Voices - Volume FiveOne of the things that is an important part of my running is music, I usually listen to albums on my runs rather than playlists and yesterday was no exception. The genre that I chose was bluegrass. Up-tempo bluegrass is great for a run and the ballads give me a chance to rest! The album that  I chose was Voices by Volume Five. The album is currently number 3 on the Roots Music Report’s Bluegrass Chart. Now I am unfamiliar with the band, but not the first track of the album. That track is a great bluegrass cover of Dave Alvin‘s “King of California“! Anyway, while I may not have heard of the band others have, from their website…..

….2014 proved to be a stellar year for the group who garnered two IBMA nominations for IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year and IBMA Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year for “The Day We Learn To Fly” (album), Stacy Richardson and Leroy Drumm (writers), Volume Five (producers), Mountain Fever (label).

Volume FiiveThe band was founded by fiddler Glen Harrell in 2008 in attention to Harrell on fiddle & vocals, members include:, Harry Clark (Mandolin & Vocals), Chris Williamson (Bass & Vocals), Patton Wages (Banjo & Vocals, and Colby Laney (Guitar & Vocals.)  Both  the vocals and the picking on this album are stellar! Buddy Melton of Balsam Range says,


“What defines a great band? Superior musicianship, impeccable singing, moving song selections…Volume Five has all the above and more…Extremely talented, yet humble and genuinely real people. Volume Five has a magical quality about them that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in the world of acoustic music.

So Check them out!!

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