Wednesday Reads – 4/11/12 – Romney, Christie and a Rant!

AlterNet: Sarah Seltzer : Romney in the Unflattering Spotlight: Hesitates on Equal Pay, Talks Fancy Horse Breeds, and More

Can you just wait for the election campaign… so much to be thrown at Mitt!

Addicting Info: Wendy Gittleson: Chris Christie Calls Americans Couch Potatoes

Christie said that he had “never seen a less optimistic time in my lifetime.”

I totally agree with Christie on this point, but the reason I’m not optimistic is not because of what Christie says:   “I think it’s really simple. It’s because government’s now telling them ‘stop dreaming, stop striving, we’ll take care of you.’

No! It’s that there’s nothing to look forward to….Hum let’s see we’re running out of fossil fuels, so does anyone really dream about getting money to buy a nice car, which when I was growing up was always a big thing, but now more young adults are even passing on driving…  Transportation and Young Adults: Driving is Down, Biking and Public Transport Way Up. How about the dream of home ownership, yeah right!  How about a good steady job…..hum that truly is a dream!

I am a dying breed. I will have worked for the same company for 33 years this August. I’ve worked hard,  acted with honor,  integrity and ingenuity, and where has it gotten me! Well last year for the first time in those thirty two years it got me laid off . At that time I was not optimistic, I felt that I was really on my way out the door! I tell you the one thing that I was thankful for was that my Unemployment Benefits, that I paid into were there! Where did working hard with integrity get me prior to my lay off,  well, my salary was cut 15%, and while I was more fortunate than many others that I didn’t loose my job, it did mean that at 60 years old I had to go out and get a second job and now work hard, with honor and integrity at TWO jobs. All helping to lessen my optimism!

When Americans see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and those rich people still want to stick it to the poor, there’s little room for optimism!

When Americans see other countries providing health care, building super trains  and countries like Germany reducing their carbon foot print through the use of renewable energy sources, while we still debate abortion and attack women. There is little room for optimism!!

When Americans see their homes destroyed by savage storms, watch the polar ice caps melt and the oceans acidify… while many say that it’s made up! There’s little room for optimism!!

The lack of optimism is not because government is creating an “entitlement society” it’s that Republican actions over the last 30 years, with their “Trickle Down” economic theories have killed the American Dream! It’s time for the government to raise taxes, raise revenues and restore America! It’s time to stop our decline to challenge China, but no the Republicans just want to cut, cut, cut……That does not lead to optimism!! It’s time for government  to act and challenge America and America to become great – to do great things,  like go to the moon!! Time to reignite the fire in our children, but instead we blame teachers unions for the decline in schools and not the lack of revenue! Time to build a new mass transportation infrastructure, maybe build movable sidewalks, hover crafts, something to reignite Americans and maybe then we can start to be optimistic!!

As for being a “couch potato” its hard to do that when you’re working two jobs!! And believe me I’m not the only one out there that’s doing that!!

What happened to my “Modern World”??  Why can’t we try to create it!  Oh, I forgot we must first defund Planned Parenthood and keep gays from marrying!