Wednesday Reads – 5/23/12 – Congressional Intelligence an Oxymoron?

AlterNet: Mark Howard: 10 Dumbest Members of Congress

So last week or so I picked up a book at the library titled The Last Great Senate. The central thesis of the book is that the Senate was at its best between 1960 and 1980 and since that point the power and the quality of the Senate has declined. If you’re like me and you lived through those years the names Mike Mansfield, Robert Byrd, Daniel P Moynihan,”Scoop” Jackson,Frank Church, Eugene McCarthy, Evereet Dirksen, Birch Bayh, Jacob Javitiz, Abraham Ribicoff, Howard Baker,  mean something,  these men knew how Congress worked. They stood strong when they had to and the compromised and moved legislation through when it was in the best interest of the country! The point is that there are not as many high quality legislators (I won’t say politicians, because these guys were legislators) in either chamber of Congress and the above article points out the worst of the worst. Do you think that William J Fulbright, William Proximire or Daniel Patrick Moynihan would give a speach written on an  eight grade level – I think not!

Addicting Info: Bryian Revoner:Colin Powell Is Simply Too Smart For The Tea Party Led Republicans (VIDEO)

Colin Powell making the rounds of the talk shows to promote his book It Worked For Me’: Life Lessons From Colin Powell, proves he may be too smart for those Tea Partiers.

Think Progress:  Ben Armbruster:Powell: Romney’s Foreign Policy Advisers ‘Are Quite Far To The Right’

and certainly a lot smarter and less scary than Romney’s Foreign Policy Advisors

Think Progress: Zack Ford: Colin Powell Endorses Marriage Equality 

and the folks of North Carolina – but then again didn’t they elect one Jesse Helms!