Weekend: Running and Reading! Book 28 They’re Watching – Greg Hurwitz

So here is the me part of the weekend….. it started Sunday morning when I was going to go for a run. Opps! Forgot to put the running shoes in the clothes bag! I was a little frustrated but Kathy said go buy some shoes! So I headed over to Target and bought some cheap running shoes, figuring I could use the later for everyday and save running shoes for running! So on my way back I decided to check out the course that I had created through the residential neighborhood near our motel. Ah, the maps on Runners World are flat, but I forgot that we were in the rolling hills of Northern Viriginia not flat New Jersey! The course had some major climbs in it but I said let’s go for it! So I took off taking it slow. I forgot how hard it is to go up and then down several times in during a run. Anyway I modified the 4 mile run a little and it ended up being a 3.6 mile run instead completed in 35:57. But as I approached the end of the run I told myself that 3.6 miles with several hills is equal to at least 4.5 miles maybe 5!! Here’s the route. Check out the elevation part!!

The day ended at about 12:20 as I finished Book 28 for 2011 They’re Watching by Greg Hurwitz. Hurwitz is one of those authors whose books I pick up and enjoy every now and then and this one is no exception! This was a real page turner! The story starts when Patrick Davis a high school teacher and would be screenwriter sells a script. But on the movie set he is religated to babysitting the star Keith Connor. The babysitting ends badly when Connor slams his face into a table and then tells everyone that Patrick did it! Davis was thrown off the set and sued by the movie studio. So Davis slinks home finds a new job teaching screenwriting and attempts to put his life back together and then it starts. One day he finds a DVD in the entertainment section of the newspaper the video is of him! They’re Watching! Who are they and what do they want? Soon Davis’ life is more of a mess as he is drawn in situation after situation that only get worse and worse!! And as the reader your pulled into the mess and hope somehow he can get out!!

The book is well plotted with many a twist and turn! Writing the book in the first person, I think, makes you pull for Patrick even more! Like I said the book is really engrossing is tough to put down! (See above for the time I finished the book) As I look over at my TBR shelf I see another Hurwitz book Trust No One Maybe its time has come??…. Still to come a visit to DC and An Evening with Tom Russell!