Yesterday’s Run, finally the weather breaks and the Old Man runs again!!


EKK after the Bonnie Adderio 5K in 2012!

So looking at the weather forecast for the next ten days, it appears that spring has finally sprung in New Jersey, and yesterday I got off my duff laced up his New Balances and hit the road for the first time since January!! Now even though I haven’t been running, I have been doing yoga, and since we are pretty broke, we haven’t had s a lot of food in the house. As a result  I feel really good and my weight is actually less than when I was running, how that would effect my running was yet to be seen!! My goal was to run for 30 minutes, which on a good day translates to around 3 miles. When I started out I felt about the same as usual, which is, why the hell do I do this!! Anyway it got a little bitter after that first half mile and I hit the first mile marker in ten minutes, which was probably a little too fast. So I tried to keep my breathing and pace slow and steady and waited for any incline that was negative!! The second mile was turned in about 20:30 something. Now was the time in the run when you can say to yourself, hey I’ve gone 2 miles I came make it through another! Right! When I came up on the 30 minute mark a little past my starting point at my house, I knew that if I went around the corner and up the street a ways I could make 3 miles. That’s what I did finishing the three mile run in 31:41 for a 10:30 pace. I was actually a whole 8 seconds faster than back in January, which is a great way to keep yourself motivated!!!

I was all set to write this last night but when I got out of the shower, something was in my right nasal passage causing my eyes to want and my nose to not stop running! By the time that cleared up, I was too tired to write anything so I just went to bed!! But today my legs feel great!

I continued with day 17 of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge, which was a 30 minute set that was designed to open you hips, so there were lots of good leg stretches!!

For the last few days, I’ve been paying closer attention to an email newsletter that I’ve been getting for a while The Alternative Daily. Today’s issue had to interesting articles. The first asked the Question – What is the best food for chronic pain and inflammation! Is it dragon fruit, pineapple or bacon. I bet we all wish it COULD be bacon but it is actually – pineapple! Check it out here. The second article asked the question – Which body part leaks 4 cups of water per day – head, lips or feet! Check out the answer here!!

Now since this post is running a little long I will write about the soundtrack for the run, which was the latest release from Albert Castiglia check it out at  Freewheelin’ Music Safari.! So here it is in the words of Jon Stewart…”Your Moment of Zen”