Yesterday’s Travels Down Memory Roads leads to a New Playlist

Wetlands - Tab Benoit


Yesterday’s Travels Down Memory Roads Lead to a New Type of Playlist…..

Yesterday I went to get a used auto part for my car. In doing so I had to travel on a road that I probably traveled at least once a week for 30 some odd years to get to many a job site.

As the miles rolled by pieces of my life did to . There went one of the many houses that I designed the septic system for. There’s the field where we were going to dig test pits one day.Until the County Health inspector threatened to take my backhoe operator back in the woods and beat the crap out if him over same question about rights to hunt on some property, There went another field where I did a large number of hand auger. borings and percolation tests and the list went on as the miles went by……

After getting the auto part I thought that maybe I would stop at an old cemetery on the way back to look for any of my ancestors. I ended up stopping at two cemeteries on the way home I didn’t find any long-lost ancestors. About the only interesting one was Joseph Pettit Megee and the interest there is the middle name!

It was also like old times because I was riding alone, with nobody but me and my tunes.

First Came Something Old (besides me!) Tab Benoit‘s Wetlands

I listened to an old album Wetlands by Tab Benoit on the way to get the part.  Which is actually a pretty appropriate album because I passed several sites where I did wetlands investigations.
Of course Tab’s wetlands the bayous and swamps of Louisiana are a little more significant than the wetlands I investigated, But I did pass a site where we had exceptional resource valued wetlands due to the presence of Bog turtle habitat! Here’s a link to information about the bog turtle.

But back to the blues of Tab. Benoit. One of the problems with continually searching for new music is that I don’t spend enough time listening to music that is already in my music library. I think I’ve over the. Ext several months I am going to make an effort to listen to older music. I while I was listening to the great guitar and songs of Tab Benoit I thought just that – Damn I need to listen to more of this!

Then Something New – Ian Foster’s – Sleeper Years

On the way home I listened to something new . Ian Foster’s latest release Sleeper Years.Foster is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and filmmaker. From his website

Sleeper Years - Ian Foster next on the playlistIan Foster, native of Newfoundland, Canada, is a storyteller. That music is the way he tells those stories only makes the telling richer still. Modern folk wrapped in Canadiana, Ian’s writing style belies a love of history, home and the humble tale. CBC’s Bob Mersereau described him as being “a fine example of what a 21st century folk performer should be doing.”
Often likened to Canadian songwriting icon Bruce Cockburn in both writing and guitar style, and artists like Daniel Lanois for his atmospheric approach to sound, Ian’s music has been described as thoughtful, introspective, cinematic, hopeful, atmospheric, and cathartic by critics and fans alike. He has numerous awards, nominations and co-writes to his credit, including SOCAN Songwriter of the Year nominations, Lyric finalist for the International Songwriting Competition (Nashville, TN), and a co-write with Canadian songwriting legend Ron Hynes. Read More

A New Playlist Type Part One of Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue….

Hey now I have listened to Something Old and Something New – now I only need Something  Borrowed and Something Blue to make a new complete playlist  and a new type of post using music from the saying!!

So here is part one of the Playlist. Something Old – three songs from Wetlands by Tab Benoit. Then Something New three songs from Ian Foster’s Sleeper Years. Part Two will come later!!